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Agile Management: How to Keep Teams Productive Wherever They Are

Ruth Kanu
Aug 30, 2021
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Agile Management: How to Keep Teams Productive Wherever They Are


Do you know you can work on a large project and still get things done efficiently within the shortest time possible while avoiding less mistakes and burnout by breaking down your projects into small parts wherever you are? Agile Management is the best approach to get large tasks done quickly in a simplified way.

With enterprises all around the world attempting to become more lean, the number of remote and agile working environments is on the rise. In this day and age, agile development and remote engineering teams are two different lean approaches that compliment one other, and for a good reason: combining them to work on software projects helps firms to attract employees from all over the world to produce code blocks in a simplified manner.

“Agile” indicates “quick or adaptable.” The agile method is a method of project management that divides a project into numerous stages and requires ongoing engagement with stakeholders as well as continual improvement at each level. The team will go through a planning, execution, and assessment phase once the job begins. A software development method based on iterative development is referred to as a “agile process model.” Each iteration entails a team going through the whole software development lifecycle, including planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, and testing, as well as presenting work to clients.

Benefits of Agile Management

Agile environments are supported by ideas that increase the productivity of internal or collective teams. Benefits include:

Teamwork, continual learning and planning, and seamless interaction are all part of the agile culture. Teams grow more separated as organizations become global and develop into new locations, and talents from less competitive marketplaces work on projects 24 hours a day. Collaboration amongst remote teams has proven to be quite productive when adopting agile as one of the new-age development methodologies.

Challenges/Problems in Agile Management

 Agile development and remote teams can cause friction and face a variety of challenges such as ;

–        Establishing a relationship with team members in order to coordinate meetings across time zones and

–        Collaborating between different development cultures when the two teams are only online for a short period of time.

Mitigating the Challenges

Organizations in conflict scenarios require a hybrid agile development methodology that is specifically designed to ease and improve remote software development. A way for assisting the remote team in clarifying their priorities and increasing job efficiency, rather than fostering new conflicts.

Tips to Keep Teams Productive anywhere

–     Automate in a meaningful Way: The key to increasing workplace productivity is to conduct continuous reviews. Make sure to analyze your process on a case-by-case basis and come up with a solution that streamlines and simplifies it as much as feasible. Invest in common applications to eliminate the need to use various programs for different procedures and to ensure that activities are completed faster and more efficiently by eliminating duplicate processes. For projects with extensive timelines or when managing distant teams, cultivating a culture of continuous integration is very beneficial. In the workplace, automation saves time. It can quickly track the entire delivery and reporting process, make participants accountable, and  projects 100% achievable, using technological approaches.

Establish daily rituals and become a force of habit : Agile essentially allows the development of project details and activities for short-term planning during prototype release and evaluation, but long-term activities are more common. Agile is fast execution and fast sales. There is no room for perfection. So what you do every day determines what you deliver. Completing daily goals or small-scale deliveries is great motivation for the team and creates a feeling of being closer to the end goal

It’s about running: While it’s nice to have a schedule, don’t let the meeting take up the team’s work time. Short and sweet is the name of the game, so keeping the sprint short will increase productivity and allow the team to complete it quickly.

  1. This is true. More and more business organizations are adopting this method today because it really works best for everyone. One thing I like about it is that even when you work alone on large projects, you can still adopt Agile methodology.

  2. This is good. I now know how to break down tasks that looks too big into simpler tasks. This is very insightful and the writing is simple to understand.

  3. The Agile Management is just the innovation needed by every organization to enhance team productivity remotely . This Article is cool and I greatly commend the writer.

  4. Very wonderful concept, when adopted and put to practice will take the team, job and company to another level. This is awesome indeed. Thank you Miss Ruth for the insightful writing

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